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There are various problems which affect the teeth such as teeth decay, cavities, bleeding of gums. These complications require some measures in order to eradicate them. Cosmetic industry, a branch of dentistry practice helps prevent and treat teeth problems. It mostly deals with the functionality of the mouth as well as the appearance of the teeth. Teeth are an essential part of the body however small they are. The Denali Family Dental Center and Anchorage Dentist, Dr. David Maisey, explain that the cosmetic industry offers a variety of dental services which are provided by well-trained dentists who have the expertise pertaining dental problems and how to treat them. Below are some of the services provided in the cosmetic industry:

Whitening of the teeth

When your teeth discolor, you will be required to seek teeth whitening services which help the patient to restore his or her normal teeth color. Discolored teeth make an individual to lose confidence when communicating amongst many people. Teeth whitening service is mostly suitable for individuals with strong healthy teeth. Research has shown that teeth get discolored due to heavy smoking, continuous intake of coffee as well as lack of proper brushing after meals. Hydrogen-based products are greatly utilized by dentists in the process of teeth whitening. Use of these products regularly will leave the teeth pure white hence the teeth regain their normal color.

Improvised dental implants

In the earlier times, dental implants were not commonly used due to the fact that cosmetic dentists were not familiar with their use as well as the complications which could result from their use. However, currently, they have been greatly adopted when compared to dental bridges and dentures. They provide a more natural look compared to the dentures. They can be fixed either permanently or temporary. When used as required, they restore the confidence when talking and enhances easy eating process. There being many types of implants, it is recommended to carefully seek the guidance of the dentist to help you install the right implant.


These are mostly used when replacing multiple teeth which could have been lost due to an accident or naturally lost due to old age. They are therefore suitable for multiple teeth replacement compared to dental implants since these replace single teeth only. Moreover, they are cheap. Confidence which is lost due to loss of multiple teeth is restored by use of dentures.

Dental crowns

These dental procedures provide a good cover for dental implants. There are many types of crowns which differ with regard with the materials that are used to make them. Metal crowns, resin crowns and ceramic crowns are some of the example of dental crowns. Dental crowns have been in use for a longer period of time in the dental practice. They restore the shape of the teeth. Some dental crowns are made of nice-looking materials which improve the appearance of the teeth.